Business Liability for State Affiliates

Business Liability for State Affiliates  


Protect your organization’s resources against a costly lawsuit!


This plan provides extensive coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage at State Affiliate sponsored activities. This includes meetings, dances, banquets, parties, auctions, raffles, picnics and concession stands, to name just a few. Coverage would also apply for official State Affiliate participation, for instance, participating in a community-sponsored event. 



If your State Affiliate typically rents space when it needs to gather for a meeting or special event, you’ve probably discovered that the owner of the property requires proof of coverage, which may require you to purchase a "special event" insurance policy that is typically very expensive or does not protect you fully for the event you’ve planned.


With the State Affiliate General Liability Insurance Plan you don’t have to deal with this disappointing aspect of planning.


This plan provides you with the insurance coverage you need to hold your event – you don’t have to apply for a separate policy every time you are in the midst of organizing. This plan is with you all year long!


Priced for You


Since no two State Affiliates are alike, this Plan has been designed so that each application is separately reviewed for a premium quotation. The cost of this coverage varies by the state in which you reside.


Complete a downloadable application for a no-obligation quotation.

Enrollment Form and Brochure

Although the application references Clubs & Chapters, it also covers State Affiliates.


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Who should apply?

    State Affiliates of ASHP who hold sponsored meetings, and activities that require proof of liability coverage for sponsored events.

  • What coverage is provided through this program?

    The plan provides coverage for lawsuits resulting from bodily injury and property damage for which you might be responsible. This plan also pays all court and legal defense costs for a covered claim - even if the charges are false or fraudulent!

  • What are the coverage limits?

    Commercial General Liability coverage is provided as follows:


    General Aggregate (Other than Products/Completed Operations): $2,000,000 
    Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limits: $1,000,000
    Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
    Fire Damage Limit (Any one Fire): $100,000
    Medical Expense Limit: $10,000
    Rented Auto Liability: $1,000,000 
    Non-Owned Auto Liability: $1,000,000


    Note: Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage is specific to Directors and Officers, and is currently not available in the states of VT and MA.

  • What is the minimum premium?

    Premiums are specific to your state of Domicile and may vary based on the availability of HNO Auto coverage in your state. Typical annual premium is $320.00.

The material on this website explains the general purpose of the insurance but in no way changes or affects the policy that is actually issued. Complete details may be found in your insurance policy.

This product description is for informational purposes only and does not provide a complete description of coverage terms, conditions, exclusions, and limits. Please refer to your coverage form.

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