Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance  


Insure Your Income -- Your Most Valuable Asset

Your most important asset is your ability to earn income. Even if you are young and healthy, a serious illness or injury could put you out of work for months or even years — thus jeopardizing your livelihood. A reliable source of disability income protection is this Group Disability Income Insurance Plan exclusively for ASHP members.

Even if you have some disability insurance through your employer, or if you are self-employed, it may not be enough. Many employers provide only a short-term salary continuation plan or short-term disability income plan. This Plan can be used to supplement benefits provided by your employer plan or as primary protection. This Plan is designed to provide you with a regular monthly income when you are totally disabled and unable to work as the result of an illness or injury.


How to Apply

  1. Complete the Application Form. It is extremely important that you answer fully the questions about medical history on this form. New York Life will rely upon your answers, and failure to provide complete and truthful information may invalidate coverage. Please note that New York Life retains the right to request additional medical information and may contact you directly.


  2. Mail the Application Form to this address:
    ASHP Group Insurance Program
    P.O. BOX 10374
    Des Moines, IA 50306-8812

    Residents of Puerto Rico:
    Please send your completed application and check for the initial premium to:
    Global Insurance Agency, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9023918
    San Juan, PR 00902-3918

Insurance Enrollment Form and Brochure

These form(s) are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and are available for downloading and printing.
SMRU #1837128

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ASHP members and their lawful spouses/domestic partners, under age 60 who are at FULL–TIME WORK are eligible to request coverage. Persons on active duty in the armed forces are not eligible to apply.

"FULL–TIME WORK" means the active performance of the regular duties of your normal occupation for pay or profit on the basis of at least 30 hours per week at the place such duties are performed.

This coverage is only available for residents of the United States* (except territories) and Puerto Rico. However, members on active duty in the armed forces are not eligible.


*Coverage is not available in all states at this time. Contact the Administrator about availability in your state.


Helps Protect You as a Pharmacist

You will be considered totally disabled, during the waiting period beyond if you are prevented by illness or injury performing the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation.


You must be under the regular care of a physician (other than yourself) and must not be engaged in the full-time practice of law.


Choice of Plans

You can choose either the Plan 5/5 or the Plan 65/65. The maximum monthly coverage amounts for which members may apply according to age are:

You may apply for benefits ranging from $100 to $4,000 a month, in $100 units. However, the option you choose, together with any other disability income insurance you have or for which you're applying, cannot exceed 60% of your AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME.


AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME means your wages, salaries, commissions, fees and other amounts received for personal services — before deduction of income or social insurance taxes and after deduction of normal business expenses which are deductible for income tax purposes — for the immediately preceding period that produces the highest figure:


1. preceding tax year; 2. preceding two tax years, or; 3. the entire period, if less than 12 months.
It does not include income from interest, dividends, rent, royalties, annuities, other insurance or other unearned income.



The Plan 5/5

The Plan 5/5 option will pay benefits up to five years for covered disabilities due to accident or illness that begin prior to age 60, up to age 65 for disabilities beginning on or after age 60 but before age 64, (Spouses are eligible for Plan 5/5 only.)


The Plan 65/65

The Plan 65/65 option will pay benefits up to age 65 for covered disabilities due to accident or illness that begin prior to age 64.


For both options, a total disability occurring on or after age 64, but prior to age 70, will pay benefits for up to 12 months.


Monthly benefits will be paid up to the maximum benefit period selected. Monthly benefits under either plan will end on the date you fail to give required proof of continuing disability, your disability ends, the maximum benefit period ends or you die.


Choose the Waiting Period

The Waiting Period is the number of consecutive days you must be totally disabled before benefits can begin. You can request that benefits begin on the 31st or 91st day of your disability. The longer you choose to wait, the more economical your premium will be.  


Waiver of Premium

If you suffer a disability for which you are receiving benefits under this Plan prior to age 60, and you have been receiving benefits for that disability for at least six months, premiums due thereafter will be waived during the remainder of the disability. When you stop receiving monthly benefits, premiums must again be paid when due.



Effective Date

Insurance for the Disability Income Plan becomes effective on the first of the month after the date the application is approved by New York Life Insurance Company, provided the first premium is paid when due. You must be at FULL-TIME WORK on the date the insurance is to take effect. If not, insurance will take effect on the day you resume such work.


When Coverage Ends

A person’s insurance will end at the earliest of the date the group policy ends or is modified to end coverage for his/her class; the end of the period for which the last premium has been paid by him/her; the date the person ceases FULL-TIME WORK for reasons other than total disability; the covered person commences full-time active military duty; the premium due date coinciding with or next following the date the person ceases to be an ASHP member or; the premium due date coinciding with or next following the date the person attains age 70; or with respect to spouses, the date the marriage ends by divorce or annulment.



No benefits are payable for any period of disability during which the insured person is not under the direct care and treatment of a licensed physician. Moreover, no benefits are payable for any disability which is due or related to: intentionally self-inflicted injury whether sane or insane; military service, war or act of war; normal pregnancy or childbirth (complications of pregnancy are covered); committing a crime or an attempt to do so.



Competitive Current 2020 Semiannual Group Rates per $100 of Coverage



PLAN 5/5

PLAN 65/65


30-Day Waiting Period

60-Day Waiting Period

30-Day Waiting Period

60-Day Waiting Period

Under 30














































*For renewal only, you must be under age 60 to apply. Premiums are based on your age when insurance becomes effective and increases as you enter a new age category. To determine your premium multiply the number of $100 increments by the premium noted for the waiting period you select. Insurance terminates on the premium due date coinciding with or next following the date you attain age 70.


If applicable, an additional $2 billing fee will be included on your billing notice payable to the administrator. To save the fee, select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as a safe and secure payment option.


Your cost is based on your age when coverage becomes effective and increases each January 1st on or after you reach a higher age bracket.


The premium contributions shown reflect the current rate and benefit structure. Premium contributions may be changed by New York Life Insurance Company on any premium due date and any date on which benefits are changed. However, your rates may change only if they are changed for all others in the same class of insureds. For example, a class of insureds is a group of people with the same issue age. Benefit option amounts are not guaranteed and are subject to change by agreement between New York Life and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.



When you become insured, you will be sent a Certificate of Insurance, summarizing your coverage. This website is only a brief description of some of the plan’s principal provisions and features. The complete terms are set forth in the group policy issued by New York Life Insurance Company to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the terms of your Certificate of Insurance, you may return it, without claim, within 30 days. Your coverage will be invalidated, and you will be sent a full refund, no questions asked!


We're here to help! Please contact us in whatever manner is most convenient for you.


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